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Today's young professionals may have taken out more debt than previous generations, but they're not slackers living off credit cards as pundits would have you believe. Instead, they have greater earning power, advanced degrees, and a fresh, more holistic outlook on financial success. They want to make smart, sustainable decisions for themselves, their growing families, and the global community. Kimberly Palmer, Alpha Consumer columnist and blogger for US News & World Report, frequently receives questions from her twenty-, thirty-, and forty-something readers about making such decisions, including:
  • What should I be doing with my savings?
  • Should I take on freelance jobs?
  • Where should I invest my money?
  • Should I buy a house or keep renting?
  • Does it make sense to share a mortgage with my significant other?
  • Can I afford a baby?
  • Should I start a nonprofit?
  • How can I support the causes I believe in?
In Generation Earn, Palmer answers these questions, and more, in three key life sections. The first section centers on the self, covering professional goals, personal spending, debt, and investing. The second focuses on creating a home, including renting, mortgages, marriage, and saving for baby. The third focuses on community and the world at large, including green spending, sustainable donating, and supporting nonprofits. Once you add it all up, you'll have a plan for every big decision you'll have to make to create a successful life whatever form it takes for you.

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