“Kimberly Palmer is one of my favorite journalists currently covering the personal finance beat. Not only does she cut to the heart of the issues concerning U.S. consumers and employees, but she's always a step ahead of the media pack when it comes to dissecting money and career trends and unearthing unique advice you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. As an added bonus, she completely gets what the under-35 crowd wants from their work and family life. I'd read anything she writes, most likely more than once, and with a sticky pad and pen so I can take notes.”

– Michelle Goodman, career columnist and author
of "My So-Called Freelance Life" and “The Anti 9-to-5 Guide”

“Kimberly’s book is the ultimate financial guide for a new generation. Bursting with savvy tips, this incredibly well-researched book will guide you through every important financial decision in your life--from picking the right life insurance to getting the best deals on major purchases. A must-read for anyone looking to master their finances.”

– Will Chen, founder of Wise Bread

"As the author of sharp, insightful, highly actionable personal finance articles, Kimberly Palmer will put you on the fast track to financial freedom. Following her wisdom, as early on in your career as possible, will geometrically improve your financial life."

– Manisha Thakor, co-author of On My Own Two Feet and Get Financially Naked

“Kimberly Palmer's blog, Alpha Consumer, has an uncanny way of explaining many of the intricacies of personal finance in a way that everyone can understand. It's one of my favorite places to go for money advice and commentary.”

–Jim Wang, founder of

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