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Kimberly frequently speaks about young people and money. Here are four of her most popular talks:

How to Be a Financial Rock Star

It’s easy to feel bad about money these days, whether you’re trying to figure out how to pay off student loan debt, afford the lifestyle you want, or earn enough money to get by. In this presentation, Kimberly explains how to feel like a financial rock star instead. Through personal stories and well-researched advice, Kimberly gives college students, recent grads, and young professionals a plan of attack for taking control of their money. Audience members learn how to set and meet savings goals, stay organized, and earn what they’re worth, along with other savvy strategies.

Taking Control of Your Money: A Roadmap for Young Professionals

Based around key milestones of young adulthood, including becoming financially independent, finishing school, and working towards big goals like buying a first home, investing, and saving for retirement, Kimberly shares smart strategies on how to get on top of your money in your twenties, thirties, and forties. As Kimberly knows from her own experience after becoming a homeowner and a parent within months of each other, big life events tend to hit you all at once, and being prepared is the best survival strategy.

The Parents’ Guide to Helping Their Grown-Up Kids with Money

With 85 percent of college graduates moving back home with mom and dad for at least six months, a degree doesn’t always mean financial independence. But that doesn’t mean parents are doomed to dole out allowances to their twenty-something children forever. In fact, research suggests that the most valuable support from parents is often not financial, and adult children can help their parents as much as vice versa. Communication, limits, and mutual benefits can turn inter-generational living from an inconvenience to a treasured time. Audiences learn the latest insights on strategies that work, as well as common mistakes to avoid.

The New Rules of Philanthropy: How Young People Give Back

Even before they feel like they have any money to spare, people in their twenties, thirties, and forties often decide it’s time to start giving back. Whether it’s by spending their money in a way that reflects their values, taking social responsibility into account when selecting their investments, or creating a giving circle with friends, young people often want to know exactly where their money is going and how it’s being used. Turning giving into a social affair makes it even more appealing. Kimberly shares the latest research and stories on young people on the cutting edge of philanthropy today.

Also available:

Graduation and first job-focused workshops, small group mentoring sessions, and customized corporate and campus workshops. Please email Kimberly for more information. She looks forward to hearing from you!

Recent Events and Praise

The Family Firm, Bethesda, Maryland,
Annual Client Dinner:

“You made a huge contribution to what was a very successful event for our firm and a meaningful evening for our clients and the other attendees… You displayed a mastery of the topic of finances for young adults. In addition, your expertise, energy, enthusiasm, and empathy was conveyed… I have received responses from literally dozens of clients who said how much they enjoyed the event. Some of the incisive points you made, particularly about young people needing to think of themselves as entrepreneurs, clearly resonated with many of the attendees.”
Nate Gendelman, Director of Investments, The Family Firm

National Coalition of Girls’ Schools, Bethesda, Maryland:

“As a speaker, Kim was articulate, engaging, and genuine; she models the kind of strong, bright young women that we strive to educate.”
Kitty Burns, Director of Member Programs, National Coalition of Girls’ Schools

American University, Washington
Semester Program:

“It was truly a pleasure to have a guest speaker so close to our age group, who could relate to us really well. You inspired us to ‘dream big.’”
Saira, journalism student, American University

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